Deutschland: Einzeltaeter – Einzelfall

(Germany: Lone Perpetrator – individual case)

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“Germany must die, so that we can live!”


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Deutschland: Einzeltaeter – Einzelfall


David Stoehr & Ensemble 

Marwa El-Sherbini, during the third month of her pregnancy, is stabbed to death by Alex Wiens in a German courtroom in 2009. Her husband rushes to help, gets seriously injured by the perpetrator as well as shot at by a German federal police officer. Alex Wiens remains unharmed. He was charged with making racist harassment of Marwa El-Sherbini and her three-year-old child in a playground.
In this court scene, a deeply rooted and cultivated violence against everyone who is “different” is unleashed in Germany. The exposed profound racist structure of an intergenerational reproduced colonial domination and ethno-nationalist ideology is downplayed in the German public sphere as an isolated case.

Following plays on white privilege, repressive stigmatisation in psychiatries, systematic border violence at the EU’s external borders and the German suppression of Nazi Germany’s “Euthanasia”, Kunstblock e.V. is developing a German(y)-critical remembrance of Marwa El-Sherbini. Never Forget.

Deutschland: Einzeltaeter - Einzelfall


David Stöhr & Ensemble

Text: Javeh Asefdjah, Dirk Brauner, Murat Seven, David Stöhr, Matija Vlatković, Maja Zećo
Director: David Stöhr
Dramaturg: Dirk Brauner,Matija Vlatković
Stage and Video:  Sébastien Dupouey
Choreography: Evelin Facchini 
Music and Composition: Lasse Winkler
Costume: Saskia Göldner
Lichtdesign: Asli Atasoy Öner  
Photos: Thilo Remini
Associate Stage &Video: Janic Bebi
Assitance Costume: Alice Hoffmann
with: Javeh Asefdjah, Murat Seven, Maja Zećo
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