She left.
And when the people came, she said nothing, believing them all.

The people replied: We are neither a thought nor a feeling, we are peace! Come! We are the nothing. But she said nothing, loving them all.
When the people replied: We have forgotten ourselves, because we cannot keep a nothing, she said nothing, hoping for all.

But as she wanted to speak, the people replied: We forget nothing, your case is peaceful. And as she did not understand, the people said: Reason has finally come to you. But when she answered, no man understood her. She lay there with broken and disfigured wings, and heard the silent lamentation of a naked world before she went

Dirk Brauner


after Ödön von Horwath und Lukas Kristl

in a version by David Stöhr
and Dirk Brauner

Direction: David Stöhr
Stage and Costume Design: Sarah Sassen
Music: Bernhard Eder
Dramaturgy: Dirk Brauner

With: Pauline Fusban, Stefan Gorski, Alina Hagenschulte, Lena Kalisch, Lennart Lemster, Vidina Popov, Andrei Viorel Tacu und Lukas Watzl

Photos: Thilo Remini

Premiere January 2016
Max Reinhardt Seminar Vienna

SKS Festival Bern June 2016

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