RapPunzl RapPunzl with Runzl and Ranzl

this is the crew

a thousand plants

under which the corpses dance


Your mother said, “Don’t go to the tower!”

because Rapunzel’s waiting in the dirty bower

Your existence it will blur

and the doves, yes, they will purr


Now you’re hanging like a drip

on the stable solid plait

your perception it’ll flip

Just a fucking bait


It’s okay – I’ll let you die

just don’t know exactly when

I tell you, don’t ask why

we count backwards men

At this feast I am the beast

won’t kill you right away at least

ate the wolf so I’m RapPunzl in wolfskin

the wolf in the wolf’s skin    



You scream “Stop!”

but I hear no content

you think you are bold?

I need you for





Lara Dziombowski


…or: What do electronic princes dream of?!

 “The project was produced in the context of the congress 30 years prenzlkomm.”
Directing: David Stöhr
Script: Lara Dziombowski, Mathias Giesa, Christian Burmeister & Ensemble
Head of Production: Steffi Müller (prenzlkomm gGmbH)
Associate Directing: Vidina Popov
Props: Larissa Richter (prenzlkomm gGmbH)
Backstage: Nicolai Dubois
Music: David Stöhr, Christian Burmeister
Stage Design: Holzschmiede (prenzlkomm gGmbH)
Costume: Cornelia Diebow (prenzlkomm gGmbH)
Supervising Text: Rainer Merkel, David Stöhr
Light, Sound & Technic: pine4production: Sebastian Koitzsch
Actors: Tobias Becker, Christian Burmeister, Lara Dziombowski, Melanie Stucki, David Stöhr
Premiere: 7 th Oktober  2021 Pfefferbergtheater Berlin