Your Lips are like bursting cherries!

And when Lulu came out and blossomed like the most flickering flower, we lost ourselves for a moment. It should have been a good time, but as her amazing thought dawned on us, we dreaded evil. How amused we were, then, when the heavens undertook to fall upon her. There she was, between her legs saying nothing, a hole now in our memory. At last we thought we were in harmony again. And only the earth laughed softly: I don’t want to be human anymore.
Dirk Brauner

“Only the affirmation returns; only what can be affirmed returns..”
Gilles Deleuze

“In a remarkable text version by Dirk Brauner and David Stoehr, who is also responsible for the direction (…) Stoehr’s stringent direction does not allow for any emotional breathers..”

Aurelia Gruber European Cultural News

“David Stoehr, who previously studied psychology, stages a restless and oppressive game, but overburdens it all too much. He works with nudity and bodily fluids, there is screaming, spitting, and raping with bottles – age restriction that applies to the production is understandable.”

Kathrin Nussmayr Die Presse


after Franz Wedekind

in version by David Stöhr
 and Dirk Brauner

Direction: David Stöhr
Stage Design: Sarah Sassen
Costume Design: Agnes Burghard
Music: Bernhard Eder
Dramaturgy: Dirk Brauner

With: Marie-Luise Stockinger, Pauline Fusban, Enrique Fiß, Stefan Gorski,Lennart Lemster, Samouil Stoyanov, Evgeny Titov, Andrei Viorel Tacu, Luka Vlatkovic und Lukas Watzl

Premiere Oktober 2014 Max Reinhardt Seminar Vienna

Tour 2015: Landestheater Niederösterreich, Theater in der Josefstadt Vienna, ITSelF Festival Warschau

Award: ITSelF Festival Warschau – Gran Prix

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