“The world does not exist, not like now. Looks the same, but- Time runs slower. A dream I can’t get out of can’t do anything.”

Cate in Blasted by Sarah Kane

“It is precisely this ruthlessness, however, that is the power of this production. The young director takes up one would think – completely unfiltered – what Kane achieved with her text. Without any embellishment, without fear of any stumbling blocks that a production of such a piece can bring with it. And that was good. The lighting design, which at the end makes Ian’s pitiful condition easily comprehensible, and the stage design by Sarah Sassen are more than successful, especially considering that this is a no-budget project.”

Elisabeth Ritonja European Cultural News


Sarah Kane

Direction: David Stöhr 

Stage and Costume Design
David Stöhr & Sarah Sassen
With: Michaela Saba Pircher, Andrei Viorel Tacu, Lukas Watzl